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Hello! I am an American Violinist/Violist and Singer living in Berlin.

As a violinist, I have toured internationally and performed with musicians as diverse as Albita,  Marta Gomez,  Jorge Pardo, Marta Topferova,  Kurt Rosenwinkel, Django Lassi, Moka Efti Orchestra and others. I am currently devoting myself to modern jazz and preparing a second jazz album for 2024 release.


As a violist and singer, I lead a rock band, Tolyqyn, which performs regularly around Europe. In 2022 and 2023 we played about 60 shows.


I also perform my original songs solo.  I've developed my own way of plucking the viola, inspired by the Guembri from Gnawa music, and my lyrics cover subjects from political upheaval,  to love, to animals. During these solo shows I like to also improvise on the violin, leading to a varied set party focussed on words, and partly on harmonies and sounds.

Aside from composing and performing, I also arrange, produce, teach, record, and make music videos.

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